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Valencia Region subsidised Travel Voucher for residents


About the travel voucher programme

For a region that relies heavily on tourism, the fall in visitors this year due to the pandemic has been devastating for the travel  business here.
The regional government  in Valencia together with Turisme the regional tourist board, want to help incentivise  local travel and consumption of tourism products this winter within the region by funding  a travel voucher for residents in the Comunidad Valenciana which in turn will  help local businesses here.

Who can apply  for a voucher and for when is it valid?

(i) The beneficiary must be an adult, resident in the Comunidad Valenciana and empadronado in their local town hall (registered on the census)

(ii) Each resident /applicant must register on the website (the link will become available to register from the 20th October onwards) and each applicant  will enter on to a waiting list , first come first serve and be allocated a voucher number in order of inscription. The vouchers will be limited to the budget available but there should be plenty of opportunity as will run over 3 periods of time. If you register and are not able to receive a voucher immediately you will then go onto a waiting list until one becomes available

Each person can register once per period and therefore receive one voucher per person subject to availability, so there is an opportunity to receive up to 3 discount vouchers per person over 3 periods, but only to be used once per trip valid within the period of that voucher.

(iii) The 3 registration  and travel  periods are:

a) Period 1, starting  20th October and ending  31st December (with inscription requests up to 20 December for this period)

b) Period 2 starting 1st January 2021 up to the 15 June 2021 (with inscription requests for that period up to 4 june) Due to travel  and mobility restraints imposed by the regional government, the validity dates have been updated and prolonged and changes shown in red.

c)  Period 3 starting 15 September 2021 up to the 31st December 2021 (with inscription requests for that period up to 20th December)

The services must be booked and used within the period of time your voucher is valid for, for example until 31st December 2020 if you have applied for first period.

How the scheme will work

(i) Those interested can formalise the application online (needing a digital certificate) or delegate to an authorised party either a travel agency or an accommodation provider, as long as these companies are also registered in the scheme with the obligation of signing a "declaracion responsable" to authorise the 3rd party.

In this case the reservation for any trip must be with that accommodation or travel agency if they apply on your behalf.
If unsuccessful during first inscription  you can also indicate if you want to carry over your application to the next period

(ii) Once your application has been accepted in order to redeem  the discount voucher, you will then have a deadline of 7 days to make a reservation, either yourself if you have applied directly or via the company (accommodation or travel agency)  who helped you apply for the voucher. If not done within the 7 days deadline, the voucher will be automatically cancelled and you will have to apply again as the booking has to be registered on the platform.

Requisites to use the discount voucher

The voucher can ONLY be used for tourism services within the Comunidad Valenciana region.(Province of Alicante, Valencia or Castellon)

Minimum stay 2 nights in a row in an accommodation (hotel, apartments, camping, rural etc) either self catering,  B&B or half board only. You can also add to this extra service s belonging to that accommodation if available, such as sports, spa, parking as long as the establishment provides that service in house. (does not include drinks in bar or personal extras).

If you want to book additional external services to the accommodation, then this must be done with a travel agent  for example accommodation, excursion, official guide,  entrance ticket, bike hire etc, if you want those activities to be included with your voucher

The person who has made the application and whose name is on the voucher must be the lead name of the booking and payment must be made in the name of that person i.e. their credit card or bank account for a bank transfer.

As this all has to be sent once booked for the Comunidad Valenciana to authorise  and redeem the money from the voucher to prove that that the person is travelling and has paid their minimum 30%

How much is the voucher worth and what do you need to pay?

Each voucher is valid up to a maximum of 600 Euros. Whatever the cost of your reservation is, the client must pay a minimum of 30% of the cost and the remaining 70% up to 600€ limit will be subsidised. Any amount not used will be lost and returned to the government into the pot for someone else on the waiting list to use.

For example : 2 people book a trip and extras for 3 nights costing in total 300€.

They will be required to pay 30% = 90€ themselves and the remaining 210€ will be funded by the voucher. The 380€ not used from the voucher will be forfeited.

If the cost was a 1000€, 70% would be worth 700€m which is more than the voucher limit, so a client would pay  400€ and the rest funded by the voucher.

The voucher does NOT cover items such a cancellation costs,  travel insurance, fees , drinks in the hotel or anything not related to a touristic activity in the region. These costs must be paid for separately by the client.

The voucher can be used for a booking , where only one unit can be booked e.g.  one hotel room, one apartment etc

So suggestions maybe are to upgrade accommodation choice or a longer stay  to get most spending power and include various activities.
If there were a group of friends, then within the group various member can ask for their own voucher and to be able to travel together and travel maybe on a hired coach.

What can you book?

Well all you have to do is give your agent an idea of what you may like to do or where to go and they will help you with a package. Bear in mind there may be a more limited choice than normal due to the pandemic but there will still be plenty to do for your break.

For more information email time of the week) whatsapp 620079092 (all day) or call mornings 09.30 - 13.30 Monday to Friday  and I will be happy to help.

For further information to help you make the most of a discounted break away, contact me

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